Color Spotlight | Transylvania

Color Spotlight | Transylvania

Hi, Fox Fam! We have a new color spotlight for you - this month we’re featuring Transylvania! This deep black is our darkest, most highly pigmented shades, but it has a lot of different uses that make it one of our most versatile tones. Read on to find out about all the ways you can use this dark and stormy color!

Transylvania is a dark, jet black. Since it’s blue-based, depending on your base color, it can continue to fade in a blue, teal, or even purple color range! If you’re aiming for more of a blue-black right off the bat, try adding a little bit of a blue tone like Poseidon or slightly diluting Transylvania to bring out that smoky navy undertone! Hoping for more of natural black color? Adding a bit of orange to Transylvania will help neutralize the blue tone and warm it up a bit, giving it a more natural look! @Ashmakeup below mixed in Transylvania with Arctic Mist for this gorgeous blue!


Since Transylvania is such a dark color, it will usually give a deep tint to unbleached hair. Of course, unbleached hair can vary a lot in how well it takes color, so it will depend mainly on the porosity of your hair, but most of the time Transylvania will give you a deep, dark black tint. Since it’s a blue-based black, it may fade more green on blonde hair, since blue + yellow makes green! Like all of our colors, it will turn out most accurately on pre-lightened hair, around a level 7 or lighter.

Transylvania has tons of uses beyond just getting a black hair color, and works great as a mixer to help darken existing shades!

Add just a few drops of it to a base of Arctic Mist Diluter to create smoky light denim. If you’re still wanting a dark shade, add more Transylvania to your mix as needed to get into more of a navy range! Click on the swatch to shop!



You can also get a deep midnight blue adding a small dollop of Transylvania to a base of Poseidon or Blue Jean Baby. Click on the swatch to shop!



For a deep, dark Emerald, try a base of equal parts Phantom Green and Aquamarine with just a drop or two Transylvania mixed in! Click on the swatch to shop!



Or, for a smokier deep turquoise tone, try a base of Neverland and a few drops of Transylvania - the stormy hue it creates may surprise you! Click on the swatch to shop!



For a smoky lilac, start with a base of Arctic Mist diluter and add a dollop of Virgin Pink, then mix in a few drops of Transylvania to darken and tone down the color. Click on the swatch to shop!


 Sometimes this shade can be more prone to bleeding - due to its higher concentration of pigment. Like any color, this will subside normally after the first few washes, but there are also steps you can take to help minimize bleeding as much as possible even when the color is fresh. When you’re first rinsing the dye out of your hair, rinse in very cold water until the water runs mostly clear! It may take a few minutes, but this should help ensure that most of that excess pigment is being pulled out. If there’s still a lot of color running for longer than a minute or two, try washing the hair gently with conditioner only, to help close up the hair cuticle and to ensure any excess dye is being pulled out of your hair. And you can always look into using an after-color cuticle sealer if you’re still experiencing any color bleeding!

Transylvania may also fade in more of a teal or green range depending on the base color you’re applying it to, since it’s a blue-based black. If you’re aiming for a more natural-looking fade, try adding some orange! Blue and orange are direct opposites which neutralize each other, so a dollop of Sunset Orange added to Transylvania will help the color have a more neutral-toned fade over time without changing the overall black color. Or, if you already have faded Transylvania, try going over it with Purple AF for a more neutral fade to help you transition to a new color more easily!

Trying to get a darker gray? Since Transylvania and Sterling, our gray shade, are both blue-based, mixing them together is more likely to give you a smoky navy rather than a true gray. Sunset Orange to the rescue again! A drop of Sunset Orange for each drop of Transylvania you add to Sterling will help prevent the color from pulling too blue, keeping it in a more neutral range as you darken the gray to a more charcoal hue.

Have you used this versatile color, Fox Fam? What is your favorite Transylvania looks? And as always, if you ever have any questions about using this color, send us an email at and we can give you more personalized advice and tips!

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