Properly usage direction of KN95 Face Masks

Fitting Instruction

1. Perform hand hygiene before putting on
a mask. Open the mask to make the nose clip at the top, and pull the ear straps with both hands.

2. Hold the mask against your chin to completely cover your nose and mouth. Make sure the nosepiece up.

3. Pull the ear straps behind your ears and adjust them to make you feel comfortable.

4. Use both hands to adjust the shape of the nose clip. Place your fingers in the middle of the nose clip and press it inwards while moving your fingertips along both sides of the nose clip until it is pressed to fit the bridge of your nose. (Making the nose clip get a seal with only one hand may affect the tightness of the mask)

Cover the mask with your hand and exhale vigorously, if you feel the air escaping from the nose clip. It is required to tighten the nose clip; if the air escapes from the edge of the mask, readjust the headband to ensure tightness. Check steps 3 and 4 again.



If the mask is damaged or soiled, or if breathing becomes difficult, remove the mask, discard it properly.
Keep the storage area dry at room temperature.
This mask may not eliminate the risk of all diseases and infections.
This mask must be sealed properly, misuse can result in a higher risk of sickness.




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