Cosmic Sunshine Spotlight

Cosmic Sunshine Spotlight

Cosmic Sunshine Spotlight

Cosmic Sunshine| Color Spotlight

@_nikiica_ shines in Cosmic Sunshine.

May flowers are blooming, Fox Fam! All thanks to the sun coming back out to play after a rainy start to spring. If you need a little extra sunshine in your life, we have the perfect color spotlight for you! Cosmic Sunshine is one of my personal favorites, so read on to find out more about this sunny shade.
Cosmic Sunshine is a vibrant golden yellow, perfect for summer days and sunflower vibes. While it will turn out best on a light blonde base, it’s a bit more pigmented than you’d guess from looking at it. It can give a golden tint even to a more medium blonde base! As a warmer yellow, it feels a lot more natural in tone compared to Neon Moon which has a more cool, highlighter yellow cast.
Cosmic Sunshine has a golden/orangey undertone to it, so we wouldn’t want to mix it with colors that don’t play nicely with orange. Try to avoid mixing with smoky cool colors like Blue Jean Baby or Transylvania, since you could end up with a muddy color (considering blue and orange are opposites). While you could mix up a custom green shade using a Cosmic Sunshine base with a little bit of a brighter tone like Aquamarine or Poseidon, smokier tones might make a more muddy olive shade. But if that’s what you’re aiming for, more power to ya! Olive green has its own unique charm too!

Here are some of our fave green mixes with Cosmic Sunshine!

If you mix Cosmic Sunshine with Phantom Green, you can get a warmer green like @chyfonnix (below). 
Get this killer chartreuse with Phantom, Neon Moon, and Cosmic Sunshine like @sn0ok⁠ did here! 


Get this creamy mint with Neverland, Cosmic Sunshine and Poseidon like @instylebycrystalk⁠ and @carekayy⁠ gave @versauche

@instylebycrystalk⁠ &  @carekayy⁠ for @versauche

Here are some of our fave warm-toned mixes with Cosmic Sunshine!

We want to use this dreamy yellow to its fullest potential! If you mix her with pinks, oranges, and reds - that’s where she really shines. 

Want a sweet golden shade with Cosmic Sunshine + Frosé? Get it HERE.

For a  ginger spice shade, try Sunset Orange, Cosmic Sunshine and a bit of Purple Rain like @viorosie (below)- or just Sunset Orange and Cosmic Sunshine mixed on darker blonde. Shop mix HERE.


What goes with yellow? More yellow! Cosmic Sunshine and Neon Moon: Get it HERE.

Stuff to know about Cosmic Sunshine

While yellows are light tones overall, Cosmic Sunshine is super pigmented so it can sometimes last longer than you would expect. It will also appear more golden and warm on a warmer blonde base. When transitioning away from yellow, once it’s mostly faded out, it should be pretty easy to dye right over with any darker shade! However if you do want to strip it out entirely, we would always recommend using a color remover specifically for semi-permanent hair dye. Depending on how pigmented it still is, you would want to cover it with a highly pigmented color like Sunset Orange, Poison, Wrath, Virgin Pink, or even Aquamarine, for the best results! 

@aleckzpicha is hair goals in Cosmic Sunshine. 

What’s your favorite way to use this happy little yellow, Fox Fam? Share your favorite looks and recipes in the comments below! And of course, if you ever have any questions, send us an email at and we’d be happy to help out. Stay gold!

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