Blue Mixology


Blue Mixology
Hey Foxes! 
It's no surprise that purple and blue are two of our most popular colors. Get the best of both worlds with a deep indigo shade like this one! Try a ratio of 2/3 Poseidon and 1/3 Purple AF to get this electric blue hue. Or for a darker, more royal tone, use closer to a half-and-half ratio.

Watch the clouds go by with hair the color of the sky. Periwinkle is a dreamy pastel blue with lavender undertones, so with some Poseidon added, this sky blue checks EVERY box. Start with a base of Periwinkle and add a dollop of Poseidon, and continue adding more if necessary until desired shade!
Whether you’re aiming for the hair of a deep sea mermaid or the vibe of a mysterious forest nymph, a luscious blue-teal would be a perfect match for any dark and mythical look! This deep, moody shade can be achieved by using a 50/50 mix of Poseidon and Neon Moon. We recommend to start with Neon Moon in your bowl and add in Poseidon until you get your desired shade of teal.

Smoky, luscious, blue-gray goodness? Sign us tf up! This combo is as tantalizing as it is regal, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Achieve this shade by starting with a bowl of Periwinkle and add in Sterling until reaching your desired level of smokiness.
What’s better than your favorite pair of jeans? NOTHING, except matching them ;)
For a versatile shade perfect for literally any season, try a mix of Periwinkle and Sterling with just a few drops of Blue Jean Baby! This soft, smoky denim tone will turn out best on a level 10 base, but if your base is a bit darker, just add a bit more BJB as needed to create a deeper custom shade.

If you need a fun, vibrant aqua color for the summer, this turquoise might give alllll of the H2O vibes you need!! Aquamarine is a deep turquoise tone by itself, but to create a lighter, brighter shade, try mixing just a few drops of Aquamarine into a base of Arctic Mist diluter and applying the color over a light level 10 base. For hair that isn’t quite as light, add more Aquamarine for a more pigmented hue!
There are tons of other blue mixes you could try at home! What are some of your favorite custom blue mixes, Fox Fam? Let us know in the comments below! If you need some tips on achieving the blue hair of your dreams, drop us a line at for personalized tips and suggestions! Happy Coloring :)

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