Frosé Mixology

Frosé Mixology

Frosé Mixology

Finally, one of the most versatile pastels for mixing has her own mixology blog! Frosé made her debut earlier this year, but she's already a rising star. Get excited! 

On her own, Frosé is a super soft pastel pink. To use Frosé, you'll need to first lighten up! You can always use our Bleach, Please to get you on the perfect level. Our bleach contains a violet base to help counteract unwanted yellow tones and create the perfect canvas for our baby pink.

But the possibilities when you mix her with other shades are seriously endless! We have loved seeing our creative Fox Fam using it in all kinds of mixes, so we just had to share some of our favorites. 

Frosé fresh out of the shower...

AND Frosé styled and cute as ever!
She will give you a rose gold tint over super light, yellow-toned hair.


Frosé + Wrath

The most obvious choice to punch up that baby pink is Wrath! Since Wrath is a pink-based red, it's going to give you tons of pigment in just a few drops. This mix would be perfect for getting better coverage over a bit warmer of a blonde base as well if you add a bit more Wrath to the mix.
But if you're going for a softer version, you can always add more Frosé and less Wrath to customize it to your liking!

Frosé + Violet Dream

Violet Dream is super vivid. To soften Violet Dream a bit you can mix it 50/50 with Frosé (as shown below), or you can customize this mix with more Frosé and just a bit of Violet Dream to be more of a mauve color! 

Frosé + Poison

Since Poison is more of a fiery red with a peachy undertone, she makes Frosé into this warm rosy shade. Just a few drops of Poison added to a base of Frosé will do the trick for this stunning hue!

Frosé + Cosmic Sunshine

This mix is bananas. Turn Cosmic Sunshine into gold with the addition of a dollop of Frosé. Where are all my Hufflepuffs at?

Frosé + Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a deep turquoise, so the addition of Frosé moves it away from a teal undertone to give you this stunning cerulean! Try a 50-50 mix of these shades, and the rest is smooth sailing. 

Frose + Blue Jean Baby

The coolest, smokiest purple we've seen in a while is just Frosé with a dollop of Blue Jean Baby! When I imagine myself as a video game character... this is the color hair I have.

Frosé + Ritual

This sexy, smoky mauve color inherits drama and depth with just a touch of Ritual added to your bowl of Frosé. Add more Ritual if your base is a bit darker, to get a similar effect with better coverage.

Frosé + Electric Paradise

A match made in cotton candy heaven! Half Electric Paradise, half Frosé, and full-on dreamy! 
Or see it IRL.
@valeriaperea97 did a lighter version of this mix! You can always start with a base of Frosé and add a dollop of Electric Paradise until you see your desired shade!


Do you have any Frosé mixes not featured here? Let us know your favorite way to use this sweet shade!

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