Arctic Fox Hair Color Spotlight | Sunset Orange

Arctic Fox Hair Color Spotlight | Sunset Orange

Autumn is right around the corner, Fox Fam! I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite season - and isn’t orange the quintessential fall color? So, our color spotlight for this month is none other than Sunset Orange! This versatile color can be used for tons of different looks year-round, but will never be out of place paired with a cozy sweater and falling leaves.

Who is Sunset Orange?

Sunset Orange is a vibrant red-orange that is one of the more highly pigmented shades in the AF line! This means it will take well to a variety of base hair colors, showing vividly on a lightened base and giving more of a dark, subtle tint to darker base colors. It has a strong red undertone, which can be more noticeable on a very light base with very little yellow tones for the color to build off of. So if you’re applying it over a platinum base you may notice it leaning more red than orange, especially when it’s fresh! On a level 7-8 base, Sunset Orange will turn out more of a true orange!


Sunset Orange and Arctic Mist 

The good the bad and the muddy.
It may not seem like it at first, but Sunset Orange is a surprisingly versatile shade and can be used in lots of different mixes for custom colors! However, while it’s highly pigmented and can cover up a lot of other colors pretty well, there are some instances in which using Sunset Orange may not be your best option. A faded warm tone like a red, pink, or most purples would be easily covered by a similar warm tone like Sunset Orange for an accurate result, but cooler shades like blues and greens may cause Sunset Orange to appear more muddy or dark if it’s applied on top. So if you’re wanting to cover a blue or green shade, transitioning to a purple that can cover cooler tones more easily first, then moving more toward a red or orange, will give you a more accurate result in the long run!


@kaseykanka in Sunset Orange

Top Mixes

Sunset Orange is a key component in our favorite mix for creating a more natural ginger hue. If you’ve ever wanted to be a redhead, try mixing up a custom natural copper using a base of Cosmic Sunshine, a generous dollop of Sunset Orange, and a few drops of Purple AF! Since yellow and purple are direct opposites that neutralize each other, adding a bit of purple will help tone down the color to have a more light brown sort of base while still letting the red-orange tones of Sunset Orange shine through, giving you a shade that is a beautiful, slightly punched-up natural ginger.                   


@paulaademitriaa in Sunset Orange and Cosmic Sunshine mix. 

If you want a darker ginger tone similar to how Sunset Orange gives a deep red-orange tint to a light brown base, try mixing Sunset Orange with some Ritual to help darken it. You can also use Sunset Orange to create a soft pastel peach by adding a small dollop of it to a base of Arctic Mist diluter! Or, for more of vivid true orange, try mixing equal parts Sunset Orange and Cosmic Sunshine - or, start with a base of Porange with a dollop of Sunset Orange for a true orange that will glow under a blacklight! Or for a soft sunflower sort of tone, use a base of Cosmic Sunshine and just a few drops of Sunset Orange.

@alexandramcfly in Sunset Orange and Ritual mix.

@ciarasikes  in Sunset Orange and Arctic Mist.

How have you used this warm fall shade, Fox Fam? Let us know your favorite color recipes with Sunset Orange in the comments! Need some more pics before making a decision? Check out our Fox Fam Facebook Group for tons of customer photos! And of course, if you ever have any questions or need help mixing up the perfect custom shade, send us an email at Happy coloring, Fox Fam!


Coley Baker is AF’s customer support guy, volunteer color tester, and resident Dungeon Master. His hair has been just about every Arctic Fox shade, so firsthand color knowledge is his specialty! He currently resides in north San Diego with his partner and dog, where they can usually be found being beach bums or rolling up new Dungeons and Dragons characters.

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