Top 5 Tips | Taking care of your hair in the Summer

Top 5 Tips | Taking care of your hair in the Summer

Top 5 Tips | Taking care of your hair in the Summer

Self-care is relevant. We know you are all about self-care for your hair, and baby, we are too. Here are our top 5 tips for taking care of your hair in the heat. 

1. HYDRATE with leave-in conditioner and weekly hair masks

Heat and sun can be drying and even damaging to those strands. Just like skincare, sometimes we have to add a little moisture back in to keep it all in balance. For maintenance, a leave-in conditioner after your shower and a weekly hair mask are key. Both can keep hair holding on to moisture for longer and prevent dry, brittle hair. Our very own Pool Party hair mask is filled with all the good ingredients to keep your hair hydrated while gently repairing damage hair. See all the ways you can use it here.

Additionally, Arctic Fox Hair Colors actually condition while they're in, so if you've been touching up your color more often, it should get you an extra boost of both softness and color to your strands!

Pool Party pic by @atlantanbeauty

2. Soak up the sweat/oil with dry shampoo!

I don’t know about you, but summertime means a lot of sweating for me. Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess! Oily or greasy hair is another common summertime issue, but frequent washing will make your color fade faster (which isn’t any fun either). Dry shampoo to the rescue! We've got you covered, we have TWO to choose from! Road Trip is our regular dry shampoo with light texturizing, but it is far from basic! It has zero harsh chemicals, and comes packed with the best ingredients like jasmine, pine and amber to leave your hair smelling delicious. Vacay has all the same ingredients as Road Trip but it adds a little oomph to your hair with its added volumizing formula. Both aerosol-free, both have up to 100 uses, and yeah both are amazing. 

Not only will it save your hair color, but it will help keep oiliness at bay when your summer days go on longer than anticipated. Stick to a non-aerosol dry shampoo if you can, for eco-friendliness!

3. Keep Color Vivid

My number one suggestion for long-lasting color in the summer (aside from using good CF products and dry shampoo) is to add that last bit of color straight into your conditioner! Every time you rinse your hair, leave the conditioner in for 15 minutes to deep condition and revitalize your vibrant locks! If you want to get the most mileage out of your colorful mane, try going a shade darker than normal and enjoy the fading process.

@dipamagar6  using Purple Rain + conditioner for this fuschia shade.

4. Removing/Fading color 

You can use a color remover (made for semi-permanent hair dye) to strip color (we've been working on creating one ourselves!) but we've got a hot tip: going swimming in the pool or the ocean will strip color from your hair! It will also dry it out, though, so make sure to keep it hydrated before and after with Pool Party, our hydrating foaming mask!

Our preferred method of fading? Wash with warm water and clarifying shampoo and then color correct with a new shade instead of stripping color from the hair. If you follow the color wheel, it's pretty easy to transition into your desired color one shade at a time. For example: if your hair is faded green and you'd like to go back to blonde we typically recommend using full strength Purple Rain. When that color fades it will fade back to a neutral base! If you started with a super light blonde you can just wait 6-10 weeks (which can vary) until it fades to a soft lilac and then ultimately a cool toned blonde. 

5. Put down the hot tools...

Since heat styling can strip color (and create a too-hot moment for your beauty routine) there are some other ways you can style your hair without heat styling. Try blow-drying on a cool setting and using velcro curlers for volume! Have you done sock braids after seeing them on TikTok?

Or watch some of our favorite no heat styling videos below!


Got any hot summer hair tips? Let us know about them in the comments! 

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