Ritual Mixology

Burgundy hair swatch in the background with Ritual Mixes written over it.

Howdy, Fox Fam! Have you had a chance to check out our new burgundy shade, Ritual? This color is gorgeous all on its own, but today we wanted to showcase some of the awesome mixes you can create with this versatile tone! Whether you’re looking for a deep, dark red, or soft, smoky pink, the possibilities are limitless. Read on for some custom color inspo!


Since Ritual has a smoky undertone for that deep muted burgundy color, it dilutes down perfectly to a soft dusty rose on platinum hair! Try just a few drops of Ritual added to a base of Arctic Mist diluter to get this delicate floral shade.

Dusty Rose Ritual Mix


Natural redhead tones are in! To kick this lively color up a few notches, use a base of Porange with a dollop of Ritual mixed in. This gives you a vibrant pumpkin spice tone, perfect for that almost-natural gingery hue!

Pumpkin Spice Ritual Mix


Berry tones are always a fresh pick, and this deep sultry shade is perfect for a refined, elegant look. Use equal parts Ritual and Blue Jean Baby for a dark and jammy blackberry color!

Dark Berry Ritual Mix


Sterling is one of our most versatile mixer shades, giving a steely tint to any color that’s added to it. Try mixing a dollop of Ritual to a base of Sterling for a smoky light mauve; Sterling is blue-based, it will help bring the color to more of a purple mauve tone. Or, since Ritual can fade more silvery or gray on hair with a strong yellow-blonde tone, you can just use straight Ritual and enjoy the fade!

Smoky Mauve Ritual Mix

Have you been using Ritual in your own custom colors cocktails, Fox Fam? Let us know your favorite Ritual recipes in the comments, and of course, if you even need any inspo or advice to achieve your dream shade, you can always reach out to us through live chat or by sending us an email at support@arcticfoxusa.com! As always, stay colorful!


Coley Baker is AF’s customer support guy, volunteer color tester, and resident Dungeon Master. His hair has been just about every Arctic Fox shade, so firsthand color knowledge is his specialty! He currently resides in north San Diego with his partner and dog, where they can usually be found being beach bums or rolling up new Dungeons and Dragons characters.

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