Periwinkle Color Spotlight

Periwinkle Color Spotlight

Periwinkle Color Spotlight
This month’s color spotlight is coming at ya, Fox Fam, and today we’ll be featuring Periwinkle! This sweet sky blue is one of the most popular shades in our line of pastels, and has so many versatile uses.
Read on to find out more about the best ways to use Periwinkle!


Who is she?

 Periwinkle is a light pastel blue, with a slight lavender undertone. It may appear more purplish on some base hair colors, but it’s definitely a blue color overall! As a pastel, this color will turn out best on a clean platinum blonde base, and may not show well on hair much darker than a level 9 or so. Because it’s so light, pre-lightening is a must for this soft shade to turn out best! It may have a slight toning effect on hair that is a little bit darker than this, in around a level 7-8, but too much of a yellow tone could cause it to pull more greenish so we would recommend ensuring your hair is very light if you’re going to be using Periwinkle straight.


Custom Mixes:

If you want to customize your color, Periwinkle has tons of possibilities! Need to punch up the color just a bit for better coverage? Adding in drops of Poseidon  or Blue Jean Baby, or even Transylvania (see HERE) will help darken the color a little bit while still staying in a light blue range, or add a few drops of Purple Rain to give it more of a lavender hue overall- get mix HERE.! For a beautiful light mauve, mix equal parts Periwinkle and Frosé. Or for the perfect pastel teal, mix Periwinkle and Neverland! Aiming for more of a true pastel lavender? Equal parts Girl’s Night and Periwinkle will do the trick!

Periwinkle x Poseidon - Get Mix HERE.

@happyliljojo using Girls Night + Periwinkle on her bangs.

Get this look by @inspiredhairdesign  using Neverland + Periwinkle.

Stuff to watch out for: 

Periwinkle is a pastel blue and essentially it needs a very light (almost white) toned platinum blonde to get the most vivid and long-lasting results. Most of the issues people have with Periwinkle is it just not showing up on their hair if its too dark or going a tad green-ish if their hair is super yellow-toned. Punching up Periwinkle with a color like Poseidon can give you a slightly deeper blue but you may need to add in a tiny bit of Purple Rain to off-set any yellow tones if you’re hair is level 9!

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