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Orange Mixology | Fresh Squeezed Mixes


Orange you glad we're finally doing this? Had to. Orange is such a fun color! Although we have two oranges in the AF lineup, we mix them up ALL kinds of ways. And that's what we're here to talk about!
Pictured below: Sunset Orange and Arctic Mist in different ratios. 

Straight Sunset Orange

She is BRIGHT honey! Sunset Orange is almost red on a super platinum base, but will show up more of an orange on yellow-toned and natural blonde base colors. Mixing it with Purple Rain gets you a super deep copper tone, while mixing Sunset Orange with Cosmic Sunshine will get you a more true, pumpkin orange. 

Sunset Orange, Virgin Pink, Arctic Mist

The most gorgeous pink with a peachy/orange undertone! Start with Arctic Mist, add a few drops of Virgin Pink and Sunset Orange until you get your desired shade! 

Electric Paradise and Sunset Orange

Take a hot pink, punch it up with Sunset Orange, and what do you get? MAGIC.

Ritual, Sunset Orange and Wrath

Extra, extra... red all about it. Take some Sunset Orange and spice it up with Ritual and Wrath for a deep, hot red!

Sunset Orange + Cosmic Sunshine + Frosé

If we could marry an orange, we might be out buying a ring for this shade. Start with Cosmic Sunshine and add in a dollop of Frosé and a few drops of Sunset Orange until you get this burnt peach perfection!

Girls Night + Poison + Arctic Mist 

Start with equal parts Arctic Mist and Girls Night and then add in a dollop of Poison. Welcome to a fresh take on this peachy, rose gold! We love this mix and actually love using it in a much more diluted version for a peachy/pink toning mix. 

This version below shows the same mix in different ratios! 
Cosmic Sunshine + Sunset Orange + Purple Rain = Perfect. This is probably our most requested mix and it will show up on most natural blondes or lighter red tones in hair. You can start with a bowl of Cosmic Sunshine, add in just a dollop of Sunset Orange and then finish it with just a drop or two of purple rain. The darker the base color the more Sunset Orange you'll need in your mix! Shop it HERE.


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