We're rounding up the best shows to watch on Hulu while you color your hair, or are super chilling after that Thanksgiving dinner.



Bob's Burgers 

If you need a binge-worthy show, Bob's Burger has 9 seasons for you to watch and a 10th one coming to you next year. Get ready! Watch here.

Source: IndieWire


Angie Tribeca

If you like The Office, or comedy in general, you need to get on this show right now. Watch here.

Source: IMDB


30 Rock

If you ever wanted see behind the scenes of a comedy sketch show, you've come to the right place. Long live Liz Lemon. Watch here.

Source: Amazon.com


I love Lucy

A classic, and in case you didn't know, it's on Hulu right now for your viewing pleasure! Watch here.

Source: Hulu


Parks and Recreation

A must. Watch here.

Source: NBC


Need more? 

The Good Place

Fresh off the Boat

Broad City 

The Mindy Project 




Robin who? Currently only one season in case you need a mini binge session. Watch here.

Source: IMDB



It will pull your heartstrings and make you feel all the nice and pretty things. But also crying. Watch here.

Source: Hulu


This is Us

Do you need a good crying session? Say no more fam. Watch here.

Source: IMDB


Need More?

The Handmaids Tale

Killing Eve




Bad *ss, honest, teenager in high school. I mean, come on. Watch here.

Source: Hulu



We love a good throwback. Watch here.

Source: Reddit


Veronica Mars

A young Kristen Bell? Do we need to say more? Watch here.

Source: Odyssey 


Will & Grace

You need to rewatch all the originals, and then get on the newest seasons. Like yesterday. Watch here.

Source: TVNZ


Need More?

Sabrina the Teenage Witch 

One Tree Hill 

Saved by the Bell 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 


 Got any shows you're currently loving? 

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